Friday October 16th, 2020

Over the last few articles, the setting of many cyber attacks appears to be the US. Which makes sense, due to the fact that CPG resides and operates in the US. And also, cyber attacks present an all time high in 2020.

But, this week, we are taking a look at a cyber attack across the Atlantic, in the UK. CPG’s Cyber Attack of the Week series takes a trip to London.


God Save the Queen (and Her IT Infrastructure)

To begin, the city council systems of the London borough, Hackney, faced the cyber attack mentioned above. 

Before we get into the details of the attack, let’s take a look at the victim of the attack.

The London Borough of Hackney is located near the center of Greater London. Although this area is full of historic charm, this specific borough is not very well-known otherwise.

Further, attractions in this area appear limited, but still include sites like Victorian graveyards, nature reserves and museums, and even a circus school.  Such sites may be the current attractions, but the big story in the area currently is the recent cyber attack.


The Hack on Hackney

Diving in, on the 13th of October, Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney, released a statement regarding the attack.


“Hackney Council has been the target of a serious cyberattack, which is affecting many of our services and IT systems.”


Due to the attack being quite recent, information on what is not available. Many suspect ransomware, due to the increase in this type of attack. 


“This investigation is at an early stage, and limited information is currently available. We will continue to provide updates as our investigation progresses.”


The statement goes on to mention that the attack is currently under investigation, and that the National Cyber Security Centre, along with other agencies are involved.


“Council officers have been working closely with the National Cyber Security Centre, external experts and the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government to investigate and understand the impact of the incident.”


Recovery for Hackney

Continuing, the statement from the Mayor of Hackney goes on to state that their priority is to keep services available, even though they are experiencing some technical difficulty. 


“Our focus is on continuing to deliver essential frontline services, especially to our most vulnerable residents, and protecting data, while restoring affected services as soon as possible.


In the meantime, some Council services may be unavailable or slower than normal, and our call centre is extremely busy. We ask that residents and businesses only contact us if absolutely necessary, and to bear with us while we seek to resolve these issues.”

Overall, the goal in their investigation is to mitigate technical issues, restore services, and prevent such an attack from ever happening again.


By Taylor Ritchey