Professional Penetration Test for $3,950

Find out how to get a full Penetration Test at an affordable rate.

Penetration Testing

Meet your annual Penetration Testing compliance for PCI, SOC, HIPAA, and your clients.  Offering full manual and automated penetration testing for only $3,950.  Full Executive and Technical Reports, Quick Turnaround and Free retesting.  Meet your annual requirements with Cyber Protection Group, a company who is dedicated to being the best at what we do.  Find out more about our low cost test by clicking here.


Looking for a Penetration Test to secure your network, meet compliance, or satisfy a client request?  You have come to the right place.  The Cyber Protection Group was founded by a team with nearly two decades of Information Security and Technology experience.   At Cyber Protection Group, technology is what we love.  Because we enjoy what we do, we work with all types of clients.  Specializing in Penetration Testing, we work with enterprise level companies as well as small to medium sized businesses.  Our team is ready to help you meet compliance with your security need whether it be external penetration testing, internal testing, web application penetration, or social engineering.  Cyber Protection Group can help you get compliant for PCI, SOC, HIPAA, or your client pentest requirements.  As a smaller company, we take pride in every client.  We take pride in every single engagement.  Our penetration tests follow industry standards such as OWASP, NIST and SANS. We are experienced enough to lead you through your security needs, but small enough to build relationships with each and every client.