STOP!  Don’t load your computer into the car to go to the repair shop!

Have your computer repaired REMOTELY by the Cyber Protection Group!

Is your computer acting up on you? Cyber Protection Group’s Nationwide Remote PC Repair service includes help with the following:

Virus / Spyware Removal
Computer / System Recovery
Error Messages
Unwanted Pop-ups
PC Tune-ups
Security Tightening
Any other computer related problem
Why choose Cyber Protection Group?

With nearly two decades of professional experience, multiple computer / security certifications, we are easy to talk to.  We have a passion for what we do, and are fun to talk to.

Sounds great… but that’s not enough… what ELSE can Cyber Protection Group do for you?

Security Check / Make sure your computer’s security is as tight as possible
Tune-up / Get the most out of your computer and help extend it’s life
Performance tweaks to improve the response time of your computer
Antivirus Updates
Give you piece of mind knowing that you have done all you can do to protect your investment, your time, and your security

How does it work?

We give you a link to click which securely allows us to fix your computer (While you watch and talk to us on the phone)
You grab a snack and a cup of coffee, sit back, and watch us work
What do I need to do to get started?

Simply call us at 814.799.0274 or click HERE to contact us!