Over the years, the boxes really do pile up, but so does the attachment to the empty container. Is it possible to let it all go? The answer is yes, and CPG is here to help.


Over the last couple months while millions of people quarantined due to COVID-19, many took to decluttering in their home. As many activities became limited, organizing within the home became a “hobby” for many. 

Further, as many took to the closets, kitchen cabinets and the garage to declutter, many people were often faced with the same question. How long should I keep a product box?


2010 called, they want their iPhone 4 Back

To begin, the term “product box” is quite general – and that is the point. A product box literally is a box that a product came in. The item could be some type of tech, like an iPhone or a laptop. But, this could also be a coffee maker or a sweeper. 

Continuing, we are all definitely familiar with the overwhelming urge to hold on to the boxes just in case. But, incase of what? Maybe it will break or I need to return it? Or, what if I need the serial number or need to look at the manual?

Luckily, you came to the right place. CPG is here to answer the ultimate question of whether not you actually need to keep the box any longer than you already have. 

Now, let’s get started. 


Asking the Right Questions – Return Period

Now, if you are finally ready to declutter and get rid of all the old boxes, you need to ask yourself the following questions. 

One, is the product still within the return period? This is a very important question you ask yourself before you get rid of a product box. Return periods vary from product to company. Many typically have a return period within 15 to 90 days.

If your item is still within this period, hang on to the box. If something happens where you need to return or exchange the product, you will need that box. 

Otherwise, if you are questioning whether or not to keep the box of the Keurig you bought in 2014, the answer is yes, it is time to let go of the box.


One Man’s Product Box is another Man’s Treasure – Resale

Continuing on, another question to ask before decluttering is, do you think you may want to resell the item? 

This question is a bit of a stretch because everyone feels some sort of attachment to an item that is expensive. For example, you paid hundreds of dollars for an iPhone years ago, and are now ready for an upgrade. 

Many have a hard time realizing the value depreciation of the device, and plan to resell and get the amount they want. Why there is nothing wrong with reselling, more often than not, it is just another excuse to keep that old box lying around.

So, ask yourself if you plan to resell or even store and collect whatever once resided in said product box. 

If you want to do either of the above, save that box. Otherwise, it is time to let it go. 


Recycle or Release the Product Box – The Final Question

Congrats, you’ve made it this far! Now, if you pondered the previous questions, and still may be hesitant to let those boxes go, here are a few more questions to ask. 

Are you able to re purpose the box in any way? We are currently in the great age of DIY. and i know for a fact that there is no shortage of DIY videos online. 

I know from experience sometimes it feels like a waste to dispose of a sturdy, crisp and cool looking product box. You definitely feel as though there is another use for it. 

Overall, ways to re purpose boxes and other containers can be found online. So, if you feel the need to really get your money’s worth, go for the re purpose and DIY!

Finally, you always have the option to recycle the product container. This will satisfy the overall need to put the packaging to good use, and be environmentally friendly. 


Make it Happen

All in all, you know deep down it is time to let those boxes go. If you are ever in a predicament where you need to decide, just come back to this article. 

Also, just to round out the article, here are a few more tips and reminders for discarding product boxes.


  • Serial codes can be found stored in the device, and not just on the box.
  • Most manuals and instructions within and on a product box can be found online
  • Once those old boxes are disposed of or recycled, the satisfaction will be immaculate. 


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By Taylor Ritchey