Well folks, it’s that time of year again. The dreaded ‘find the perfect Christmas gift’ scramble is upon us. 

But, the goal of this article is to help you find the right gift for the techy (or anyone else) in your life. I’ve curated a list of items and deals that would make a great Christmas gift. Let’s get started. 


Under $20 Gifts

The first items items on the Christmas list are under $20! So these pieces are perfect for stocking stuffers, Secret Santa exchanges and more. 


10 Foot Charging Cable for iPhone – $14.39

The first item is the all important phone charger. But not just a standard three foot charger, no. A 10 foot charging cable! This comes in handy for literally anyone with a cell phone, iPad or any other form of technology. The extra footage on the cable allows a better reach for charging devices at home, or on the go.


Stickers for Devices – Starting at $2.50

Next we have stickers for laptops, phones and even coffee mugs. The website Redbubble is one of the many companies that produces stickers for devices. 

These items are removable, kiss-cut vinyl stickers that are super durable and water-resistant as well. 

I have personally ordered stickers from this site multiple times to give as gifts. And each time, they didn’t disappoint! They last a long time and do not fade either.


Webcam Cover – $9.70

Now this gift is just right for the security oriented (and even not) person on your Christmas list. Listed here is a sliding webcam attachment for any device with a webcam. The cover is simple to attach and user making it user friendly. 

This helps to keep your webcam covered, and keep your data or activities private in the event someone access this device. 


Joe Name it – $6.99

Lastly in the under $20 section we have something non-tech related. This game is called Joe Name-it. It is a game where players compete against each other in the pursuit of knowledge. Player must be able to name a number of items (after rolling the die) to answer a question.

For example, I roll the die and get a three. Next I pick my card. The card reads “name blank bands with only 4 members”. As the player I must then name at least three bands with only four members. 

This game is a lot of fun to play at parties with friends and family. It creates a friendly competition and let’s you brush up on trivia!


Under $50 Gifts

Continuing into the under $50 realm, the products fit the bill for an under the tree gift or exchange among friends. 


Vertical Laptop Stand – $46.49

First up we have a vertical laptop stand. Now this may seem almost trivial, but this simplistic devices comes in handy in several ways.

The folks who work from home or in an office who need the extra desk room will appreciate this as a gift. Many places of work have monitor setups to connect a laptop to so that there is a bigger screen to work off of. But, sometimes the connected laptop just sits there taking up valuable desk space.

This product displays the laptop vertically in the dock to allow more space and maybe even an elevated decor in the office. 


Smart Reusable Notebook – $29.97

This next item could be gifted to someone in the working world, a student or even yourself! Further, a reusable smart notebook is a unique gift to give this holiday without breaking the bank. 

This notebook of sorts has reusable pages. The pages can then be scanned by the app, stored and uploaded to the cloud for future reference,

This eliminates the worry of losing or spilling something on a traditional notebook and having your precious notes lost forever. 

Continuing, this device provides an eco-friendly alternative option to normal note taking as well as a user-friendly organizational system.


Portable Espresso Maker – $48.30

To round out the under $50 category, let’s give a gift to the coffee lover in your life. This portable espresso maker will make you a hot cup of espresso when you are on the go. 

A friend of mine that travels for the military actually recommended this item to me. Sometimes traditionally coffee doesn’t cut it on the road. He told me that this little device actually does what it says it will. Unlike the many (and cheaper) versions found online. 

So, why not gift this item to the on the go coffee enthusiast on your Christmas list?


$100 and Up Gifts

To begin the $100 and up section, let’s discuss what some bigger ticket items. The products listed below would be the “wow’ gift or big surprise someone is hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year. 


Kindle Paperwhite – $129.99

This item and the many versions of it was actually on my Christmas list this year. The Kindle is almost always one of the top gifts every year during the holidays. They range in price as well. They start at $75 and can go up to almost $300. 

Further, the Kindle selected for this list falls somewhat in the middle of the prices. The Kindle Paperwhite it the thinnest and lightest version of Kindle. It waterproof so readers can enjoy their favorite book by the pool or beach. Also, has more storage and a longer battery life. One charge will last for weeks.

Continuing, this is a gift that you can build on for the next holidays to come. One can purchase gift cards or books for the reader to enjoy for years to come, and you will always have a gift idea!

(Compare the different types of Kindles here


External Hard Drive – $159.99

Before you go ahead and roll your eyes, this is a great gift idea! Anyone tech savvy in your life would appreciate a new external drive. Coming from the cyber security world, one of the most important things a user can do to protect their data is to back it up. 

Think of all the pictures and documents one accumulates over the years and also how irreplaceable those are as well. This year, give the gift of data protection and security!


Nintendo Switch – $299

Last and certainly not least we have the highly coveted Nintendo Switch. 

This gaming console is asked for from kids, teens and adults as well. All the fun of a gaming console, but you can take it on the go without the hassle of traveling with a traditional model.


Time to get Shopping!

All in all, the goal of this article is to provide a list of curated items that might make your Christmas shopping a little easier this year. 

Instead of hinting around at items or hoping for clues as to what to purchase for friends or family, just reference this list!

Happy shopping, and good luck!


By Taylor Ritchey