Now nurses are not only at risk for exposure to COVID-19, but now also cyber attacks…


Friday, September 25th, 2020

Welcome back readers for another installment of the cyber attack of the week series! Today, we are looking at a recent cyber attack on The College of the Nurses of Ontario (CNO).

To begin, “CNO is the governing body for Registered Nurses (RNs), Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) in Ontario, Canada” (Via CNO’s Website). 

The college works to train those in the field as well and provides such services for those in the area.

Due to the recent cyber attack, CNO made the decision to close their facility and halt its provided services. Certain online functions such as “Find a Nurse” and others are temporarily unavailable. 


The Attack on CNO

Continuing on, CNO released a statement regarding the attack. 


Upon discovery of the incident on September 8, CNO took immediate steps to contain the incident and engaged a leading cyber-security firm that is assisting with remediation and conducting a comprehensive forensic investigation. 


While the initial attack took place on September 8th, the statement regarding the issue did not become public until September 17th. 

As a result of the limited statement, many are still awaiting more information on the attack. 


Through the investigation, CNO is seeking to determine whether personal information was compromised as a result of the incident that may require notification to individuals. 


Further, CNO oversees a large amount of nurses and customer data. Many of whom might be wondering if their personal information is now at risk. 

The organization is continuing its efforts to restore services to full function. But as far as we can see, little to no change has been made quite yet. Much of the public still awaits the confirmation of next steps from the College of Nurses of Ontario.


By Taylor Ritchey