The Truth About Antivirus

Many users misunderstand the purpose of using antivirus and firewalls. Users believe that they are safe just because they pay a monthly subscription to Norton antivirus. The reality is that no antivirus or firewall will keep you safe from the threats out there. It is nice to think that you are immune to danger just because you have that extra layer of protection. Many users adapt bad browsing habits visiting sites they should not, thinking that the protection they have is enough for day-to-day use.

Analogies inbound

If you build a home in a bad neighborhood you can’t expect to never get robbed just because you lock and deadbolt your front door. If someone wants in bad enough they can come right through a window or the backdoor. Really there is nothing stopping them from coming right through the front door given enough effort. Not to mention if you leave out things in your yard or your porch anyone can walk up and snag it. Sure, you can build barbed wire fence, bar your windows, buy a guard dog and set up alarms. However, what you might not have known is that everyday users are letting the robbers in themselves. You open your door yourself to let the threat in.

How it happens

In order for your computer to download a virus or to become compromised, you need to open a connection to the source. For example, say you are trying to download a free copy of Microsoft Office. Many people would simply type into the search bar “Free Microsoft Office” once you get your results and enter one of the many web pages you will most likely be greeted with many download links like this.

Download links
It’s hard for me to even tell sometimes what links are genuine. For an inexperienced user seeing the word “Download” is enough reason for them to click. If you click on the wrong link you are giving them all the permission to do whatever they want to your computer. You are allowing them to go straight through your security measures and walk straight into your house.

 What should I do to protect myself?

So how do we protect ourselves I am sure you are asking? You have to browse smarter, there is no program or feature that will protect you from yourself.

Now before you uninstall your antivirus consider this. Would you throw away your door just because you might leave it wide open? Would you burn down your fence just because somebody might hop over it? Security measures can be extremely effective in conjunction with smart web usage. Every layer of security makes it harder to penetrate your network.

What is the point in using something like CPGprotect?

Many users ask us what role CPGprotect plays in your security. The benefit of having CPGprotect is that it is another layer of security. Your antivirus and your firewall are much like the lock and deadbolt on the door. It’s nice to have that security for your house. However, adding a 10-foot-tall fence around your yard is really going to make things that much harder to break into. This is the role protection plays in your online experience. Every measure you add makes it that much harder for the bad guys to get in.  Also, a good Penetration Test using Social Engineering can be a great way to test systems to see how locked down and prone they are to viruses.

Just remember that the bad guys can still get in. It’s just up to you to decide how hard you want to make it on them. More importantly it’s up to you to keep the door shut when they decide to come knocking.