For a company one of the most terrifying things to deal with is having down time. Your network being down means you can’t make sales or continue normal operations. One attack hackers use in particular takes advantage of this fear. This attack is known as Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS

One of the biggest trends in technology is the rise of DDoS attacks lately. Many different groups have taken credit for pulling off these attacks against many notable companies, people and services. Pokémon go has suffered from multiple DDoS attacks since its launch as well many others such as, PlayStation network, Michael Phelps personal website, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Library of Congress, Overwatch, and even the London Stock exchange.

Why does DDoS attacks happen so often?

This is a pretty common question I am asked. The simple answer is that they are comparatively difficult and expensive to defend against. At the same time, these attacks are very easy and affordable to pull off. They are also possible to do with very little technical knowledge. Sometimes a single person can potentially control hundreds to thousands of computers to bring down a network from the comfort of their bedroom.  Other times entire groups take the credit for pulling off the act. The people who pull off these attacks will typically get away with their actions, as long as they take the proper measures. Businesses are rarely able to justify the cost of defending against a DDoS attack. It is not until they have already suffered from one in the past that they look into preparing for the next.

How do DDoS attacks work?

Imagine an interstate highway with normal traffic. Normally traffic tends to go in both directions freely. Traffic may slow down from time to time during peak times but it’s still moving. A DDoS attack can best be described as an overload of traffic being sent through that highway. At some point things become so backed up nothing moves through. It takes a while to empty through all that traffic and resume normal connectivity. You can do things to stop this from happening, such as filtering out traffic, or adding more lanes for this highway. However it’s all going to be sluggish or pricey and can’t keep the problem from happening all together.

How to protect myself from DDoS attacks?

Like most attacks over the internet you can never become immune. However, many employers are finding ways to work around these issues, by allowing their ISP handle their bandwidth or by using Cloud mitigation services. Companies like Microsoft are able to handle a lot more traffic than most small businesses or enterprises. Cyber Protection Group can offer advice to companies who are afraid possible DDoS attacks. We also offer penetration testing services and vulnerability assessments that can detect vulnerabilities within your network. Many of these vulnerabilities can make pulling off DDoS attacks much easier.