*Cue* Work from Home by Fifth Harmony in 3…2…1…


The Invisible Enemy

Currently, the United States is battling the spread of COVID-19 or the coronavirus. The virus which originated in China, has now begun to spread across the globe in a strange and non discerning pattern. Not only that, but the spread of information, news coverage and availability of resources varies as well. 

Nonetheless, the panic and unknown factors regarding what future actions and procedures are enacted, is causing our nation to take action the best it can. At the moment (specifically in Pennsylvania), all non essential to life businesses are being forced to close their doors. 

For some businesses, this means employees are out of work. For other companies, many are taking their business online and remote. Like many other people, I am currently working remotely. 

Further, in the spirit of trying to look on the bright side of a bad situation, I decided for this week’s article, I would put together a list of tips for working remote. Perspective is everything in this type of situation. 


Work Space Setup

To begin, the key to successfully working remote is setting up a designated work space. I’m sure many folks take advantage of the comforts working remotely presents. But, Having a designated work space allows you to create some type of separation from home and work. 

Further, working from home on your couch or even on your bed may make it hard to really dive into your tasks or make it difficult to relax at the end of the day. 

Next, in your designated work space, make sure it is organized. Center your work space around whatever you use the most. For myself, that is my computer. I have a monitor set up to center my space. I then anchor the desk with my planner, iPad, and a few other necessities. 

When I am done for the day, I make sure to tidy the area and close up my workstation. I lock my computer to ensure the security of my device and also create that work and home separation. 


Remote Productivity

Ah, yes. Another great challenge of working in your home: keeping productivity up. What I’ve found works best for me, is trying to keep to a routine. 

To dive in, as tempting as working in your pajamas all day may seem, it is not always great for productivity. I’ve found that getting up and ready like a normal work day sets me on the right path for the day. Get up, get dressed, make a coffee and get to work!

Next, making a to do list is a great way to stay on track for the day. Schedule times to virtually meet with your team or touch base with your boss. Staying connected with your team is essential to keeping projects up to date and meeting other deadlines accordingly. 


Remote Well Being

Finally, it is important to remember to check in on yourself and well being. This is especially important during times like this, where you may be cooped up in your home. 

Continuing, take some time to get up and simply move around. You can even go outside and get some fresh air. Even simply opening up a window and letting fresh air into your workspace can do wonders. 

The stress always seems to be on making sure work is done, but is also important to take care of yourself. Get up and stretch to relieve the tension of sitting at a desk all day. Another idea is even working standing up! Set your laptop on a counter and get some steps in while you work. 


Clocking Out

All in all, I hope that this article helps you figure out the work home balance that comes with working remotely. It’s an opportunity to work in a different environment, which may give you a fresh perspective on that report you’ve been working on! 

In short, let’s all take the time to set up a proper workstation, be productive and stay positive during these crazy times. 


By Taylor Ritchey