It appears that malicious hackers may in fact contain some amount of empathy for the world right now. Of course, in their own way and under their own circumstances.



Today for our cyber attack of the week article, we are breaking down something a little different. To begin, a hacking group named The Maze Team, decided to stop any of their malware attacks against healthcare facilities during the COVID-19 outbreak


Who is The Maze Team? 

Just to give you a little background, Maze is responsible for many ransomware based attacks against healthcare facilities. Not only that, but this group attacks a large assortment of businesses and organizations. 

“The FBI issued a warning in early January that the hackers behind Maze ransomware have increased targeted attacks on the private sector. In these attacks cyber criminals pose as legitimate security vendors or government agencies to encrypt and steal data” (via Health IT Security).

In other words, this group is bad news. Further, during this time of panic and uncertainty, cyber criminals are taking advantage of vulnerable companies and systems. But, Maze decided to do something a little different. 


Taking a Break During COVID-19

To elaborate, in a “humanitarian” effort to “help out” anyone who has fallen victim to their product, Maze is offering discounts on decryption. 

Maze posted a statement regarding their change of heart stating their new initiative:



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Now, they are not completely letting victims off the hook, oh no. They are simply offering a discount on the “resolution” to their “inconvenience”.

In the meantime, if businesses do not take Maze up on their discounted ransom, they group still plans to leak and sell any sensitive information it encrypts or collects. 

All in all, we can see in their own twisted way, even hackers can feel some sort of empathy for the public. And all it took was a major worldwide pandemic. 


By Taylor Ritchey