During the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber attacks appear to sky rocket. Why is that? Let’s get to the bottom of this issue…


Cyber Attacks on the Rise during COVID-19

Welcome back everyone to yet another week of quarantine. CPG is based in Pennsylvania, and we are beginning to see some progress in reopening our state. Although, I would say that the word progress will be used loosely. 

Many counties and areas in our state are still on total lock down. With large cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, it makes it difficult to move towards a solution for opening. Many businesses, small and large, face many trials and challenges as we wait out the pandemic and quarantine. 

Nonetheless, the main issue that we will be discussing today is why businesses are more vulnerable to cyber attacks during COVID-19.


Where is the issue?

To begin, several factors play into increased vulnerabilities for a company. I know we see the obvious issues right away. Further, many people may not even be thinking about the back end cyber security threats a company may face.

Customers and employees recognize the concern for lack of business for these organizations. Many businesses, small and large, are experiencing less foot traffic and in person interaction. Overall, the struggle to keep business what it once was, may seem like the biggest issue through corona. 

Further, hackers and other malicious attackers recognize that businesses are focusing on trying to get by. Is proactive cyber security at the top of their list of concerns right now? Probably not. 

But, does that mean companies should continue to put off dealing with cyber threats until later? Also no. But, we are in complicated times, and everything is up in the air. The goal of the article is to bring attention to the cyber security vulnerabilities for businesses right now in hopes that they may be prevented. 


Surviving the Day to Day during COVID-19

To get started, the main point to recognize in this situation is that right now, businesses are just trying to make it through the pandemic. Who would have ever thought that 2020 would start off like this?!

Due to businesses focusing on keeping basic operations up and running, proactive security measures may not be at the top of the agenda. This is something that hackers are counting on. 

As terrible as it sounds, successful attackers look for the soft spot for an attack, and a corporation with little to no security.


Limited Staff

Another vulnerability on the list is staffing. Once again, due to COVID-19, layoffs and reduced staffing are the new normal. Only essential workers are allowed to continue modified normal operations. 

For example, say that a company layoff several IT and cyber security personnel. This may halt and routine security or IT maintenance. Due to the halting of such operations, normal security protocol is not maintained and opens a company up to attack. 

Without the correct personnel working and proper protocol and procedure being maintained, a company’s network and devices will become vulnerable to attack. 


Going Forward

All in all, many scenarios of attack can develop from the possible vulnerabilities above. It only takes one for a hacker to worm their way into a company network or device. Proceeding with caution and surviving the day to day right now appears to be one of the best options. 

Moving forward, this may be something for any size business to keep in mind. Whether you like it or not, we are in the great age of technology. Everything is connected and online one way or another. Cyber security procedure and protocol application and maintenance is a necessity. 

In short, let’s get through corona, take cyber security seriously, and stay safe during this crazy time.


By Taylor Ritchey