Welcome to another week of quarantine folks! Let’s all keep hanging in there, it will be over before we know it (at least that’s what I keep telling myself each week…)


Work + Home + ???

If you are like the many people in the US and all over the world working from home currently, then you may be starting to slide into a funk. A funk you may ask? Well, to further describe that situation, this could mean tiredness, lack of motivation or overall productive activities. 

Now, is it completely normal to feel those things right now? Absolutely. Mainly because those in the workforce are working under an entirely new set of circumstances. So, you are not just working, you are trying to work through a pandemic. 

Continuing, if you happen to be looking for a way to help boost those productivity levels or get back into the swing of things, you came to the right article. Let’s dive into some things that one can do at home to feel productive during quarantine. 


Start with the basics: Cleaning

First thing’s first – a clean environment promotes productivity, and that’s a fact. So, let’s declutter and clean up our workspaces. 

This can mean anything from finally throwing away all the coffee cups on your desk to clearing everything away and starting from square one.



I recommend starting with the basics. First, clear the clutter, i.e. empty cups, wrappers, or items that need filed and put away. Next, take a disinfectant wipe or spray and hit all the hot spots. This includes your keyboard, mouse, and even screen. 

During these times, you can never disinfect too much! Once you start with this, the rest will follow. Putting pens away, stacking sticky notes, the world (your desk) is your oyster.



Now, once the surface is tidy and taken care of, let’s move internally to your PC. At this point, your productivity flow will be picking up strength. Keep it going! This could be done by taking care of the many random files on your desktop. 

For example, the one turned 100 files that you would “just save for this project” on your desktop that slowly took over your whole screen.



Sort, make folders, and file the documents correctly. Once that workspace is clear, you will be ready for your next work day.

Since we are one the topic of devices, you can also use this time to back them up. With many people out of their normal work environments, physical and network, systems may become more vulnerable. So, it is important to back them up. Use this time at home wisely. 


Extra Productive Items

While writing this article, I thought about things that made me feel productive. Continuing, productivity isn’t only cleaning and organizing. During this time especially, taking a break to go outside and get some fresh air will do wonders for your work and home life. 

Our usual activities are quite limited at the moment. So, make sure you are taking some time to yourself for your physical and mental health. When you do this, in my own personal experience, I definitely see an increase in my productivity. 



So, take your dog on a walk, make a playlist with all your favorite songs on it, and support a local restaurant by picking up your favorite dish for lunch. 

Little things like that also have a positive impact not only on productivity, but your newish quarinitine lifestyle. 



All in all, many ways exist in how we can remain productive during the COVID-19 outbreak. The key is finding what works best for you. Whether it is cleaning up your workspace, decluttering your desktop, or making a playlist full of absolute bangers. 

You decide what works best for you. If you take some of the items mentioned above, tweet us about it! Or, show us what you have been up to in quarinitnie on twitter @cyberprotectgrp.


By Taylor Ritchey