Welcome back everyone, time to start a new week! If you ended up on the CPG blog, this is a sign – you are definitely starting off your week right!

Anyway, this week we will be looking at a little trick I recently discovered in my Spotify app, that I think you all will enjoy!


Spotify Music Streaming

To begin, I am under the assumption that most people have heard of Spotify. But for those who have not, Spotify is a music streaming platform. The platform provides a wide range of artists, playlists and many other features. 

Personally, I use Spotify daily. Whether it is creating a new playlist or waiting up for a new album release, this app is rarely not in use. 

Further, I want to ask a question; have you ever been at an event, party or small gathering where you wish you could be the one in control of the music? Or, do not want to go through the trouble of trying to pair your device to a speaker in someone else’s home?

Well, do I have the solution for you!

The feature on Spotify I am talking about is the group session feature. This allows the “DJ” to allow others to pick music to play along with their choices. Thus, allowing friends to collab on the tune and keep the party going. 


Group Session Feature

For example, say you are at a friend’s house for a party and they are the one in charge of the music. Rather than disconnecting them and you connecting to their system, simply connect through your Spotify accounts!

Here’s how to do it.

To start things off, we will be looking at the process from the perspective of the “host”. The following will be how to link your friends with your Spotify account

First, to allow someone to join your group session, bring up the current song menu and select the speaker image in the bottom-left hand corner. This will bring up the Listening On menu. 


On this page you will come across the start group session feature. You can choose to start a session. This will take you to another page with a code for your friend to scan. This will allow them to queue up songs from their library.

Now, let’s look at how to join a group session from the perspective of the friend. Continuing, if you are looking to join someone’s group session, on the Listening On page, select the button that says scan to join


This will bring up your camera and allow you to scan your friend’s Spotify code to join their session. Now, you will be able to queue up songs with your friends!

All in all, I hope this tip comes in handy at your next gathering, hangout or party. Maybe by learning this feature, when the vibes are not good at an event, you quickly turn this around by queuing up a few hits and saving the day!


By Taylor Ritchey