Introducing a new article series on CPG – Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches of the Week. Visit our sites every Friday for the latest breakdown of data breaches and attacks.



New Series – Data Breaches

If you haven’t heard yet, here on, we will now be starting a new article series – Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks of the Week! Further, the plan for the series is to catch up on any data breaches or cyber attacks of that week. 

With so much going on in the cyber security world, it is hard to keep track of all the breaches that happen. The goal of this weekly summary is to centralize all the attacks, so people in and out of the infosec world can stay up to date. Being informed is so important. Not just to be aware and relevant, but also to protect your own data.

Continuing, every Friday, a weekly wrap up of the latest attacks will be published on the site. The goal of the articles is to give a quick overview of what happened that week. In the post, we will give you all the details without all of the filler like any other news report. Because, sometimes you just want to know the who, what, where and not every single detail. 

All in all, check in with us each Friday for a data breach wrap up for the week. Also, don’t forget about our new articles every Monday as well! I break down different cyber scams, security basics and review tech products!


See you next Friday!


By Taylor Ritchey