So you dropped your iPhone in water, and placing it in a bag of rice just isn’t doing the trick? What other options are there? Or… is it just time to purchase a new device. Well, we may have a solution for you!


Goodbye August

Happy Monday, readers! Today is August 24th, 2020 and we are now nearing the end of summer somewhat faster than I would like! 

In the spirit of trying to make summer last as long as possible, last minute trips to the ocean, lake or pool are a must! But as fun as spontaneity is, let me put together a not so ideal situation for you. 

Imagine the excitement of finally making it to your favorite spot on the lake, and wanting to take in every last bit of summer. In the moment of excitement, you decide to jump off the boat into the water, not care in the world. 

But, not having a care in the world may end up with you accidentally jumping into a lake with your iPhone in your pocket. Now, in the middle of a lake, I think it is safe to say a bag of rice to put your phone in may not be available. 

But, there may be another way to save your phone from potential water damage!


The Facts

Now, before we get into the hack, we need to go over a few things to set up the trick. So, many iPhones now have a water resistance feature that protects them up to a certain amount of depth and time. 

For example, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is marketed to be water resistant at a maximum depth of 4 meters up to 30 minutes. 

Further, this is not always guaranteed and circumstance sometimes plays a role in what would actually happen to your device. 

Continuing, let’s say you are cliff jumping at a lake, phone in pocket, and end up diving deeper than the resistance mark. Now, you might be in trouble. Let’s get into how the hack may come in handy. 


The Trick to the Shortcut

To begin, the hack works similarly to the Apple Watch. The user enables a shortcut that produces a vibration through sound on the phone to help remove water from any ports or speakers. 

This technology is similar to the water removal feature on an Apple Watch. On that device, the user will turn the dial on the side of the water to trigger the water removal from the Watch ports. 

The water is ejected and continues to function normally.

Continuing on, that is what the shortcut for the iPhone will do as well to help expel the water. 


Using the Shortcut

Now, in order to find and install the shortcut, here is how to do it. 

On your iPhone, google, “water shortcut”. This will take you to a Siri shortcut. 

Next, follow the link and select, “get shortcut”. After installing the shortcut, users simply say, “hey Siri, water eject shortcut” and the device will play a sound vibration that will shake the water out of the device speakers. 

Now, this hack depends on your phone still being functional enough to download the shortcut, or having already installed it beforehand, just in case.

Overall, hopefully you don’t jump into a body of water with your iPhone in your pocket and have to rely on this feature. But, it is nice to have as a backup just in case! Give it a try and let us know if it works for you!


By Taylor Ritchey