Streaming accounts like Netflix are under attack, especially during quarantine. But, the crazy part is that the unauthorized user on your account may be someone you actually know…



Netflix and Secure your Account?

As we enter another week of quarantine, we are also searching for the next show to binge on a streaming service like Netflix. This platform released various Netflix original movies and shows that millions of people are currently viewing. 

Some of the most popular include:

  • Tiger King (Carole Baskin definitely killed her husband)
  • Outer Banks (Shipwrecked treasure, 400 million, John B.)
  • Love is Blind (Did you know Jessica is 10 years older than Mark?)

If you are one of the many that already streamed one of the titles above, then you know what I’m talking about (in the parenthesis).

Anyway, you are probably wondering why CPG is covering Netflix, were they breached or attacked? No, but the users of the service may be under attack whether they know it or not. 


Check your Netflix Account

To begin, due to quarantine, many expected the number of Netflix users / subscribers to increase. Overall, it did increase, but the increase exceeded the predicted amount of new monthly users for the service. 

The LA Times reports that, “The company gained 15.8 million global subscribers, surging ahead of Wall Street’s expectations of 7.6 million. It now has a total of 183 million customers” (LA Times).

The figure above represents the number of legitimately subscribed and paying users. Now, imagine all the people that are “borrowing” someone else’s account. 

That is what brings us to the security issue. Many people do not even realize that unauthorized users are also streaming from a legitimate user’s account. The worst part is that the owner may totally be unaware of the access. This might even be happening to you right now!


How do I fix this?

Luckily, CPG has the fix for this sort of situation. The following steps and recommendations will help you regain ownership of your account and keep unauthorized users (ex boyfriend, girlfriend, friend or roommate) off your account. 

First, login to your Netflix account on a laptop or desktop. After logging in, make your way to the top right corner, click the drop down menu and select account

From there, scroll down and select sign out of all devices. This will kick all devices (phone, computer, tablet, TV etc.) off the account and log them out. 



Next log back into your account, proceed back to account information and change your password. This will prevent the unauthorized users from logging back in with the same password. 

This trick will help keep others off your account, so you never get kicked off because too many people are streaming at the same time, or just keep people out of your account in general. 


In the End

All in all, the fact that other people are using the account you pay for is annoying. But, you can fix it with the help of CPG. Just remember when you do eventually log every device out and change your password, that you actually CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD. 

Take this as an opportunity to create a strong and secure password. Make sure it is not something that the previous account squatter can guess (like the first time). 


By Taylor Ritchey