Cyber Attack of the Week 29 – Roper St. Francis Hospital

Ah, yes. Sunny South Carolina. Every year many enjoy its various vacation spots like Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head Island and the historic city of Charleston. 

While this may be the ideal vacation spot for many on the east coast of the US, it’s not always sunshine and blissful vacations.

Recently, a hospital with many locations in the state faced a cyber attack. Further, the medical institute in question, Roper St. Francis, now reveals that the information of over 6,000 patients is now at risk. CPG is now on the case, ready to bring you up to date on the attack.


Method of Attack

To begin, the type of attack that we are looking at today involves an attacker gaining access to an employee’s email account. Through the unauthorized account access, the attacker accessed the data for an extended period of time.

According to researchers, the breach occurred back in June, and the medical facility did not discover the breach until July. 

Further, in the wake of the breach, hospital officials discovered that names, birth dates, medical records, insurance information and Social Security numbers are now at risk. 

While not all of the patients of the 90 facilities are at risk, the hospital is still encouraging those to take proper action to protect their information. 


Moving Forward for Roper St. Francis

Overall, we’ve seen many medical data breaches over the course of this series. Medical information is highly sought after online as well as the dark web. So, there will always be criminals going after it, and even stealing it. 

Roper St. Francis, in the wake of their own breach, recommends that patents who may be at risk call their call center to receive more information. The line will be available starting September 4th, and the number is 1-888-498-0916.


By Taylor Ritchey