As of June 10th, the United States Secret Service is now working with P.F. Chang’s China Bistro on a breach investigation that involves a compromise of customer credit cards.

According to Brian Krebs (an expert security journalist) credit cards numbers that were used at the restaurant chain started showing up for sale on underground websites ran by cyber criminals.


These credit cards were cards that were used at the P.F. Chang’s restaurants.

The restaurant chain has over 200 locations throughout the United States.  Although it has not been confirmed yet, several recent breaches have resulted from malicious software that was installed unknowingly on point of sale devices.  The company has provided a link for customers to have their questions answered concerning the breach.  At this time the restaurant chain is not offering details as to how wide spread the breach is, but they have put manual credit card swipers into place until it can be fully investigated.  Customers are advised to monitor their credit and/or bank statements closely.  To visit the link provided by the restaurant chain, visit

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Picture provided by Tmizo via CCL 2.0