A “fun” new security breach to talk about!

The security breach Target suffered  late last year might finally be old news after the announcement of Ebay’s newest security breach.  Ebay posted an announcement this morning that they recommend all users change their usernames and passwords, this is due to a breach discovered on their network. More specifically this compromises the database containing the usernames and passwords. At the time of this article, Ebay does not have evidence that the usernames and passwords have been used maliciously. However, users typically have their credit cards, checking accounts, or PayPal account associated with Ebay.  Although Ebay has not mentioned resetting passwords on PayPal yet. Despite this we highly recommend it.

How long should I be concerned about this?

Paypal is one of the world’s largest payment gateways on the internet its also owned by Ebay.  There are few specifics on the breach at this time, but we will be following it closely. Ebay has over 100 million users that will need to change their username, so this breach may take awhile to die down.  This incident is a great example of why users should not use the same passwords on different sites.  For example, many people use the same passwords for Ebay that they use with other sites like Youtube, If hackers can get into your Youtube account they can get into all your other accounts. When a breach happens its worth thinking about changing all of your matching passwords as well.

To change your password on your Ebay account, simply log into your account, click “My Ebay”, then “Account”, then “Personal Information”. It will allow you to change your password from there.

To change your Paypal password, log into Paypal, cick on “Profile”, then “Password”.

Photo by Sarah on Flickr via this license.