Happy New Year!

With 2020 over, the world looks with high hopes for a bright new year.  Unfortunately in the cyber world, malware, vulnerabilities, and attacks continue to plague systems.  To stay prepared and protect ourselves against attackers, we can try to anticipate and make predictions for 2021.



Attackers wreak havoc  across the globe by using ransomware attacks.  Hospitals, schools, businesses, and consumers never seem to stop finding that their devices and data are held for ransom.  However, attackers continue to create more advanced hacks against their targets.  In 2021 we can predict a large rise in the number of ransomware attacks.  In addition, the world should expect more complex ransomware attacks.  Now, when an organization or individual encounters a ransomware attack, the attacker can now steal their data before they encrypt it and lock the users out.

The stolen data just presents itself as an asset for the attacker.  The attacker can use the stolen data as leverage to raise the ransom price and force the victim to pay.  Although, if the victim refuses, their data can be leaked or used for nefarious purposes. With the rise of ransomware attacks in 2021, we should expect to also see a rise in ransomware impacts in terms of financial loss and data leaks.


Working From Home

In light of the pandemic, the world shifted to remote work.  However, with the push towards more convenience means the sacrifice of security.  Employees, now at home, raise the risks of being outside the organization’s maintained networks.  Now with assets distributed across employee homes, the organization’s security are only as strong as the home networks.  Vulnerabilities associated with the home networks raise more and more security concerns and risk.

With remote work becoming more and more popular, organizations should educate best practices to employees.  Organizations can implement virtual private networks to ensure safe data transportation.  


In today’s society, it seems that everyday further proves Murphey’s Law, whatever can happen-will happen, exists.  By anticipating events and making predictions for 2021, organizations can prepare themselves for attacks and security concerns before it becomes a problem.  Cyber Protection Group wants to wish everyone a safe and secure new year!