Now when customers experience issues online, missing baggage or delayed flights, the airport might have an actual reason for the issue!


Airport Issues

It’s Friday, so you know what that means… a new installment of the cyber attack of the week series!

This week, CPG is taking a look at the San Francisco International Airport, SFO, who recently underwent a data breach on multiple sites. 

To begin, if you couldn’t guess, the airport in question is indeed based near San Francisco. The San Francisco International Airport is a major gateway for travelers headed to Europe and Asia. 

Now, one can only imagine the complications a data breach on several sites poses to a major airport.


SFO Website Breach

Diving right in, SFO recently sent out letters of notice to those possibly affected by the data breach. In the letter, the airport appeared direct and to the point of what happened. 

Basically, two of their sites fell victim to attackers who inserted malicious code on the websites to steal users’ login credentials. 

Further, the victim sites are: SFOConnect.com and SFOConstruction.com. To view the entire notice from San Francisco International Airport, click here.

After further investigation, SFO believes “ attackers may have accessed the impacted users’ usernames and passwords used to log on to those personal devices.”

SFO reccomends that anyone who accessed the breached pages change their passwords for any accounts related to SFO. 

After notifying the victims and releasing a statement, SFO took down the infected sites and has since removed the malicious code injected on the sites. 


By Taylor Ritchey