Curious as to what apps are worth your money on the App Store? We’ve got you covered.


The Wonderful World of iPad Apps

This Monday, CPG is taking a look at some of our favorite apps for the iPad. Whether the app is for productivity or just fun, we have it covered. 

To begin, I personally purchased an iPad Pro. With this purchase, I had great hopes of using it for all sorts of things. From drawing, to editing bid documents, this device really comes in handy.

Throughout my trials of finding the best apps for each task presented, I believe that I have compiled a list of apps that are definitely recommendable. Now, let’s take a look at some current iPad app favorites.


Productivity App – GoodNotes

To begin, before we get to the quote unquote fun apps, let’s take a look at a few I found that help me in my work life. First off, we have GoodNotes.

This app is a great platform for digitizing handwritten notes. While the premise of the app is the ability to hand write on the iPad, it does so much more. 

This app allows you to import various documents to work on or edit. Users have the ability to take notes on a PDF or scan in documents.

Further, not only that, but the app comes with various templates and sorting features to aid in organizing different aspects of work and personal life. 

Personally, I like to make checklists or organize the events for the month through one of their templates. 

Lastly, one of the main features I also enjoy is the sync between devices. This allows me to access the notes on my iPad on any other device I have the app installed on. 

For a one time purchase price of $8.99, the GoodNotes app can be yours. 


Working on the Go App (and it’s free)

Continuing down the list of current favorites, next on the list is Google Drive. If you do not want to pay for a Microsoft Office or similar services, Google Drive is the way to go. 

Within Google Drive, a number of features and applications exist. Google Drive includes items like Google Docs, Sheets and Powerpoint. All which are pretty much identical to Microsoft services.

Further, Google Drive applications for the iPad allow you to work on the go. If you do not want to lug around a laptop, or hate working off your phone, the Drive apps will work out perfectly. 

Personally, I utilize Google Drive daily. The app’s interface on the iPad is great for on the go, and syncs with my documents stored in the cloud, so I can access them anywhere. 

Overall, Good Drive and the included apps is a great (and free) application for your iPad.


Artistic App for the iPad – Get Creative

One of my last current favorites for the iPad is Procreate. This is a drawing and illustration application. The price for the app is $9.99. But, this application sure does come packed will tools and features for creating a beautiful work of art. 

Whether you would use the application for drawing or creating a graphic for a presentation or even a company logo, Procreate can do it all. 

Continuing, this is one of my most recent app purchases and I’m obsessed. With so many brushes, layering options and graphic features, I can literally create anything I would need, right on my iPad.


New Purchase on the Horizon?

All in all, there are hundreds and thousands of applications for you to choose from for your device. But, If you need help getting started, above are my current favorites. These apps help me manage my personal and work life, with some artistic relief in between. 

Personally, they are my top used apps on my iPad (besides Netflix of course) at the moment. Check them out, and give them a try!


By Taylor Ritchey