Malware Protection, Breach Protection, Internet Filtering, and Faster Web Surfing?

Introducing cpgProtect.

Cyber Protection Group is extremely excited to announce that we have teamed up with one of the world’s leading threat-protection companies (OpenDNS) to offer our cpgProtect service.   cpgProtect is an extremely advanced malware and breach protection service that includes parental and employee filtering for home and business.  This security service protects any device no matter where it is located.


A faster and more reliable internet

Our partner’s (OpenDNS) geographically distributed data centers enforce security policies for business users; parental controls for home users; and provide the fastest, most reliable internet resolution for 65 million active users in over 160 countries daily.  What does all this mean?  This means that your computers will be able to load websites faster with your current internet.


Threat protection like NO other

cpgProtect not only blocks malware, botnets and phishing over any port, protocol or app, but also detects and contains advanced attacks before they can cause damage.  Predict and prevent attacks before they happen.


Have control over what is being “surfed to” on your network

Do you want control over what users on your wired or wireless network can surf to?  cpProtect not only gives you the ability to have “adult” sites blocked, but it also gives you the ability to have categories blocked such as gambling, social media, chat sites, drug sites, and many more.  Do you want to block a particular site?  This service allows you to block or allow any site that you want.


Get weekly reports on what is happening on your wired or wireless network

cpgProtect allows you to receive extremely informative reports that tell you how many malware or malicious requests have occurred on your network.  It also gives you visibility into what sites are being “surfed” and what sites were blocked.


Compatible with all types of devices

The cpgProtect service is compatible with ALL internet enabled devices.



1 user – $9.95 per month or $99 per year (based on 12 month subscription)

2 – 4 users: $15.95 a month or $159 per year (based on 12 month subscription)

5 to 8 users: $28.95 per month or $299 (based on 12 month subscription)

Installation is FREE and only takes minutes!


For a limited time, Cyber Protection Group is offering a FREE PC cleanup, virus / malware removal, and a computer tune up after signing up for the one year paid subscription to cpgProtect.  Start off with a fresh, fast, and clean computer!  Cyber Protection Group will even install/activate a FREE Antivirus package that has NO subscription fee and is made by Microsoft.  Stop paying yearly fees for Antivirus and put it toward your new cpgProtect service.
To start protecting your computers and your network with cpgProtect, contact Cyber Protection Group at 814.799.0274 or