Security Threat - Intentional vs Unintentional

The Biggest Security Threat to an Organization

When we think about threats within an organization we always refer to an outside attacker, or natural disasters such as, fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornadoes, etc. Below we will discuss which group of people are the biggest threats of an organization in more depth.

The biggest threat within an organization is the insider; a threat can be intentional and unintentional. The bad news is that you don’t know who can intentionally harm your organization or not. Therefore, it is important to train your employees and give them something called Least Privilege. Least privilege is when you give someone no more and no less privilege to perform their job. For example, an accountant should not have permission to download software within a workstation. Having all the security layers is not enough to keep your organization safe. In the next section we will discuss intentional threats from an insider and unintentional threats.

Security Threat - Intentional vs Unintentional
Intentional Threat vs Unintentional Threat


Intentional threat

An intentional threat is when an employee intentionally works against his/her own company either for financial gain or revenge.

Unintentional threat

An unintentional threat is when an employee accidentally downloads malware, deletes important files, or visits unauthorized websites.

Because you don’t know who can harm your organization on purpose or not, then it is important to make sure the users within your organization read, understand and if necessary sign an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

It takes money to save money. The internet is abstract which makes it dangerous. Just because everything goes well with your network does not mean there is not a piece of malware somewhere. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have the latest patches, Antivirus Software, Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention, and Detection System (IPS, IDS), and to train your users.

Finally, find vulnerabilities in your system before the bad guys do. You are in the good place to do so.