Beauty Multi-Level Marketing Company, Arbonne hit with Data Breach

  It appears that maybe applying extra concealer and setting powder may not be enough to fix this hot mess… Welcome Back! Welcome back for another installment of the cyber attack of the week series. Today, CPG released the 14th article in the series in a continuation of informing the public on recent data breaches.  Overall, it is our hope to keep our readers informed on the latest breaches across all companies and platforms. This is the goal in which we hope to achieve as well as spread awareness and insight.  Now, this week, CPG is taking a look at Arbonne. This is another play on a multi-level marketing beauty… Read More

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Cyber Scammers Take Advantage of the CARES Act and other Relief Programs

  As many across the US wait for their relief check or unemployment, cyber criminals are trying to intervene. This act is on the hopes of stopping citizens from receiving the money they need and depend on.   Another Day, Another COVID-19 Related Security Issue Are you one of the millions of Americans to receive a CARES Act relief check? I’m sure that it is quite possible. But, did you know that criminals on the web could be targeting your relief money or unemployment application? CPG is here to dig into the story and break the information down.   The CARES Act To begin, The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic… Read More

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Cyber Attack of the Week 13 – EasyJet Data Breach Leaks 9 Million Customer Records

  Not only do we have to worry about the spread of COVID-19 while traveling, we also have to worry about our data being compromised… EasyJet Data Breach Welcome back everyone for another joyous Friday in quarantine! This week, another airline company faces a massive data breach putting millions of customers at risk.  This week, UK based budget travel airline, EasyJet notified customers of a recent data breach. The company claims to be a victim of a sophisticated cyber attack, and is currently working with forensic experts to clear up the attack. Continuing, EasyJet released a statement and or letter to customers and the public regarding the breach. To see… Read More

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Why are Companies so Vulnerable During COVID-19?

  During the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber attacks appear to sky rocket. Why is that? Let’s get to the bottom of this issue…   Cyber Attacks on the Rise during COVID-19 Welcome back everyone to yet another week of quarantine. CPG is based in Pennsylvania, and we are beginning to see some progress in reopening our state. Although, I would say that the word progress will be used loosely.  Many counties and areas in our state are still on total lock down. With large cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, it makes it difficult to move towards a solution for opening. Many businesses, small and large, face many trials and challenges as… Read More

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Cyber Attack of the Week 12 – Hacking Group “ShinyHunters” Lists over 160 Million User Records for Sale on the Dark Web

  One hack, two hack, three hack, four hack … where will the list of attacks end?    Checking all the Boxes Today is Friday, May 15th, 2020. The current status of the US entails scattered quarantine lockdowns and a prolonged “rough start” to 2020. Well, we’re five months in now, so it can only go up from here, right? All right, did we come here for a pep talk? Maybe… but more so for the 12th installment of the cyber attack of the week series here at CPG. This week, we have several incidents on our hands. We can all give the trophy to hacking group, ShinyHunters for all… Read More

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Securing your Netflix Account During Quarantine

  Streaming accounts like Netflix are under attack, especially during quarantine. But, the crazy part is that the unauthorized user on your account may be someone you actually know…     Netflix and Secure your Account? As we enter another week of quarantine, we are also searching for the next show to binge on a streaming service like Netflix. This platform released various Netflix original movies and shows that millions of people are currently viewing.  Some of the most popular include: Tiger King (Carole Baskin definitely killed her husband) Outer Banks (Shipwrecked treasure, 400 million, John B.) Love is Blind (Did you know Jessica is 10 years older than Mark?)… Read More

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Cyber Attack of the Week 11 / GoDaddy to NoDaddy – Web Hosting Giant Hacked

  Another Day Another Breach Today is Friday, May 8th, 2020. We’re officially almost at the end of another week of quarantine. Businesses are still working under restrictions and many people working from home. But, guess who is not taking a break during a worldwide pandemic? Hackers, that’s who.  This week, here at CPG, we are taking a look at another massive data breach. The victim this week happens to be web hosting giant Now, not only is this breach troublesome for GoDaddy, but also the hundreds of thousands of sites that utilize their hosting services.    What Happened? To begin, as stated above, the web hosting platform,… Read More

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What to do During Quarantine to Feel Productive

  Welcome to another week of quarantine folks! Let’s all keep hanging in there, it will be over before we know it (at least that’s what I keep telling myself each week…)   Work + Home + ??? If you are like the many people in the US and all over the world working from home currently, then you may be starting to slide into a funk. A funk you may ask? Well, to further describe that situation, this could mean tiredness, lack of motivation or overall productive activities.  Now, is it completely normal to feel those things right now? Absolutely. Mainly because those in the workforce are working under… Read More

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“Fun” Facebook Questionnaire Posts are Putting Users in Danger

  What was the make and model of your first car? How many pets did you have growing up?   It’s all fun and games until your Facebook account is hacked… Due to the amount of people unemployed and/or simply working from home due to COVID-19, social media activity is at an all time high. From live streams on Instagram to millions of what fictional character am I? quiz results, people are posting now more than ever.  Continuing, while all of the posts on the internet may seem menial and an easy way to pass the time, many people do not understand the danger a simple post can be. This… Read More

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