DOS attack

What is a DoS Attack?

  In 2017, 33% of businesses experienced a DoS attack. The result of such an attack leaves a business helpless in some situations. Now in 2020, DoS attacks have only increased in occurrence since 2017. Now the question is, what makes this type of attack so detrimental to an organization?     What is a DoS attack? If you are someone who is outside of the cyber security realm, a DoS attack may be a foreign term. Although, with the recent jump in the use of the attack, attention is brought to it on the news and online.  By definition, a DoS (denial of service) attack is, “a cyber-attack in… Read More

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Fake Apple Support Phishing Scam

  When you are having issues with an Apple product, getting through customer service is always a nightmare. Half of the time, you speak with an automated help line and not a real person, frustrating you further. But now, Apple is reaching out to its customers? Something doesn’t see right here…    An Apple a day doesn’t keep the scammers away. If you happen to be one of the 588 million Apple product users in the world, it’s a good thing you found this article. As of recent, Apple customers (and even other cellphone users) are the target of a new phishing scheme. Further, attackers are posing as Apple Support… Read More

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sim swapping

What is SIM Swapping?

  SIM what? Like the computer game? Not quite. This SIM is not as much fun, and might even be dangerous. Let’s take a look at the threat SIM swapping can pose to everyday cellphone users.     SIM Who? SIM swapping is a phrase that is used quite often in the news as of recent. But, many people have no idea what SIM swapping is, let alone what a SIM is. Before we dive into the realm of SIM swapping, let’s review what a SIM or a SIM card is.  To begin, a SIM card or subscriber identification module is an “integrated circuit that is intended to securely store… Read More

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Are Employees the Biggest Threat to an Organization?

  Does your organization have a cyber security policy and procedure in place? Do they even have a cyber security team? If the answers to these questions is no, you may become the biggest threat to your organization.  Curious how? In this article, the topic of how employees become the largest threat to an organization will be broken down and explained.      An Inside Job? To begin, here is an important question. Has your employer, company or organization ever fallen victim to a cyber security attack? With ever evolving technology, criminals continue to create ways to target a business.  Continuing, not all threats are the same in execution or… Read More

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hotel wifi

Hotel Wifi – Is It Secure?

  Whether traveling for business or going on a vacation, many travelers face the same dilemma. Is the hotel wifi safe to use? It’s easy to connect to and free, so what’s the worst that could happen? Let’s find out.     Hotels focus on hospitality, not network security. When the average consumer stays at a hotel, do you think their first concern is the security of the provided wireless internet? No. More likely, they may wonder whether or not internet is provided in general. If it is, that’s a plus, and the end of thinking about hotel wifi. Further, the main concerns of hotel staff and management is to… Read More

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penetration testing

Penetration Testing – The Basics

penetration testing Another Day Another Hack Everyday in the news, you hear about a company trying to pick up the pieces after a data breach. For example, last month, Capital One went through a major data breach. An unauthorized user had the ability to find a way into their systems and access sensitive customer information.    Many ask, how does this happen? Is the hacker just that good that they can bypass any and all security measures? Or, is it the company’s fault for not implementing proper security protocols? All in all, the reason for such data breaches and attacks are due to all of the above and more. The next… Read More

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