What is Penetration Testing?

Cyber Protection Group has recently announced that we are offering Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing for only $2,000.  As breaches have seem to become “the norm”, the demand for network and web application security is increasing rapidly.  On a daily basis, hackers are constantly finding ways into company networks and stealing data, installing malware, and compromising servers.  This has caused the demand for talented security specialists to rise which in-turn has security firms charging outrageous fees for vulnerability assessments and other security testing such as network penetration testing and web application penetration testing.  Cyber Protection Group’s goal is to play a major part in security by lowering the standard pricing point that other firms are charging and offering the same high quality services for companies that can’t afford to spend tens of thousands on security testing.  With nearly two decades of experience on the team, Cyber Protection Group is able to provide security services at a lower cost than most by keeping overhead down, keeping teams small, and being able to provide a more personal service.  If you are interested in finding out more about what is included in the $2,000 vulnerability assessment or penetration test www.cyberprotectiongroup.com and contact them.

The $2,000 Vulnerability / Penetration Testing includes a test on a maximum of 50 External IP addresses.

This will include finding services and vulnerabilities that attackers can use to attack your environment.  This is a non-exploitation test which means that once we find the vulnerabilities will report them to you and and advise you on remediation.  We will not “exploit” your network.  This test is performed remotely, so you don’t have to pay for expensive travel.  Do you have more than 50 IP addresses?  Contact us and we will give you a quote on adding those to the assessment.

Why is this test offered so much cheaper than the competitors?  

Cyber Protection Group believes in building many strong working relationships by offering services that companies can afford.  We would rather price our services in a range that most budgets can afford and believe that if you are satisfied with our services, you will come back to us.

How do our services compare to those that are charging much higher fees?

With nearly two decades of experience in Information Technology / Information Security, we are well experienced, very professional, and experts at what we do.  We are a smaller company that keeps overhead down and does not rack up expenses that we have to pass onto our customers.  You will have easy access to the professionals that are performing your assessment.  You will have a dedicated security expert assigned to your project.

As mentioned above, we are working hard to change the industry by making these services more affordable.  In the long run, if these services are affordable, companies will be able to budget for them.  This will cause companies to be more proactive at being able to secure their networks and systems.

To talk to Cyber Protection Group about a vulnerability assessment / penetration test, click here or call 814.799.0274.