security breach

Yahoo’s New Big Breach 500 Million Accounts Hacked

Yahoo’s new breach 500 million accounts hacked Ever since the security breach in 2014, Yahoo has been having an ongoing investigation into the incident.  Last Thursday Yahoo has released a statement about yet another setback for the internet company. Yahoo admits they are not sure what information is stolen, however, […]

Cyber Security’s Weakest Link is Human Beings

  The Weak Link In Security Often times when a company looks into becoming more secure, they typically look to add devices, software or settings in place to help defend their network. It’s hard to convince them that the weak links in there network is the employees on them. Convincing […]

Apple Devices Vulnerable to Hackers

Many iOS devices could be vulnerable to a specific issue called the  “masque” attack. This basically allows hackers to get into your phone and hijack traffic, as well as disable communication between apps. The way to acquire the malware is through a third party app installer. Many companies use this to install apps […]

LastPass Security Breach

LastPass, a program that helps you remember all of your passwords and create new, secure passwords, has been hacked. This occurred in early June. The hackers got away with email addresses and the passwords to other accounts and plugins. Fortunately, the master password to any account was not taken, however it […]

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group Confirms Breach

According to Brian Krebs of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group confirmed a breach at it’s upscale hotel chain.  Mandarin has not confirmed yet on how many of their hotels have been breached at this point.  It is possible that attackers targeted this chain because it is a higher end hotel […]

Dominos Pizza Hacked – Could Affect Over 600,000 Customers

Hackers are holding the information of over 600,000 Domino’s customers for ransom.  They are demanding $40,000 or they will release the names, email addresses, addresses, and passwords of their customers.  Dominos is holding firm and it does not look like they are giving in.  They are saying that no information […]

P.F. Chang’s Customers Suffer from Credit Card Breach

As of June 10th, the United States Secret Service is now working with P.F. Chang’s China Bistro on a breach investigation that involves a compromise of customer credit cards. According to Brian Krebs (an expert security journalist) credit cards numbers that were used at the restaurant chain started showing up […]