Yahoo’s New Big Breach 500 Million Accounts Hacked

Yahoo’s new breach 500 million accounts hacked Ever since the security breach in 2014, Yahoo has been having an ongoing investigation into the incident.  Last Thursday Yahoo has released a statement about yet another setback for the internet company. Yahoo admits they are not sure what information is stolen, however, […]

LastPass Security Breach

LastPass, a program that helps you remember all of your passwords and create new, secure passwords, has been hacked. This occurred in early June. The hackers got away with email addresses and the passwords to other accounts and plugins. Fortunately, the master password to any account was not taken, however it […]

Ebay Security Breach Causes Users to Change Usernames and Passwords

A “fun” new security breach to talk about! The security breach Target suffered  late last year might finally be old news after the announcement of Ebay’s newest security breach.  Ebay posted an announcement this morning that they recommend all users change their usernames and passwords, this is due to a […]